8th Meeting – October 29th

We watched one episode of John Cleese’s video, “The Human Face.” In the second half of the class the assignment was to make two expressive, […]

7th Meeting – October 22

We began by watching two short films about Christo, the famous maker of gigantic site specific art projects. First was a profile from “60 Minutes,” […]

6th Meeting – October 8th

Excellent responses to the night project! We had everything from shoe box dioramas to sophisticated short films, and ‘audience’ participation pieces. Here are photos of […]

5th Meeting – October 1st

NIGHT PROJECT BRAINSTORMING: Describe what you did, where you went, in a few sentences. Next, begin to think of ways you might convey this experience […]

4th Meeting – September 24

We checked in about the experience of collaborating on the first team project, a wiki on Light + Space art. Next we framed the frottage, […]

First Team Projects

Good job on the wikis about Light + Space art. I know for a number of you it was the first time you’ve collaborated this […]

3rd Meeting – September 17th

Today we did our first paintings in ink wash. These were just experiments. Next we will do more of this type of paining in class. […]

2nd Meeting – September 10

for next week’s meeting on September 17th… Complete a series of five or six, fine quality rubbings (dark tone, even, not smeared, no margins) in […]

Drawing as an act of meditation

The course emphasizes abstract, process-oriented drawing. Too many people have been damaged when they were children by harsh criticism of their attempts at representational drawing. […]

First Meeting – September 3rd

INTRO & SURVEY – definitions, and use of Visual Thinking SYLLABUS – format of course, grading methods, contacts, due dates, supplies. THE USE OF WEB […]

Visual Thinking Course – New Site

This is a new web site for the Visual Thinking courses I’ve taught at Loyola Marymount University for the past eleven years. The next classes […]

What is visual thinking?

When I tell people the name of the course, they often look a little puzzled. That’s understandable. While a course with this title could be […]