WHO: Michael Kieley is a furniture designer / artist, living in Los Angeles. Fifteen years ago, he was offered the chance to teach a class called Visual Thinking at Loyola Marymount University. He has been improving, and evolving the course ever since. The main focus has become learning visual methods for enhanced innovation thinking in any endeavor or enterprise.

WHAT: Visual Thinking / Art 350 at LMU is a Core Curriculum class. It is hard to tell from the excellent work produced by the students, but most of them are NOT art majors. We have had accountants, engineers, science majors, performing artists, health science people, and every other degree participate in the course. Creativity is for all people, and it is often mentioned as the MAIN SKILL the corporate and small business people are seeking.

M.K. has worked on ideas for extending the course in order to work with people of various interests, ages, and abilities. In addition to an e-course, and a variation that focuses more on combining art and technology, MK. is opening a Google Plus community to former students, and to anyone else interested in pushing their creative limits.

HOW: The course is focused on Project-based, Experiential Learning. We make things to concretize what it feels like to be creative. It is well known that feeling successful with one’s creativity in one field, enhances the pace of building CSC (Creative Self Confidence) in another.