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Comments about the course by Visual Thinking Students

Comments of the Visual Thinking course by former students… Camille: It let me be creative in a way that wasn’t asking me to make perfect lines, but rather was asking me to create something relevant to how I was feeling. That was a new way […]

Visual Thinking: Art + Innovation

Michael Kieley is in his 18th year of teaching Visual Thinking at Loyola Marymount University. The course if focused on project-based, and experiential learning, inspired by the methods of Black Mountain College, The Bauhaus, and MK’s undergraduate work at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. We make […]

Teaching Innovation Thinking

I have been reading a number of articles about MOOC’s, and looking at Coursera, and some of the other sites offering classes. While many of the courses, aren’t things I feel I need to study, I was intrigued at this Coursera offering on the subject […]

4th Meeting – September 24

We checked in about the experience of collaborating on the first team project, a wiki on Light + Space art. Next we framed the frottage, series of five rubbings. A second session of ink painting, this time with a tool of our own making. We […]

What is visual thinking?

When I tell people the name of the course, they often look a little puzzled. That’s understandable. While a course with this title could be some sort of critique of media, where you sit around watching TV commercials, and writing essays, my course in Visual […]