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3rd Meeting – September 17th

Today we did our first paintings in ink wash. These were just experiments. Next we will do more of this type of paining in class. Demo video.

We watched an intro to furniture designers / multi-media creators Charles & Ray Eames. We saw their ten minute film “Washing a Blacktop”. In this clip, the original piano score played by Glen Gould has been replaced by and amateur cover of an Elliott Smith song.

We formed research teams. The first project is to create a synthesis of the individual team members ideas about Light + Space Art. I showed a slideshow of various things, like films, and architecture, that can have elements in common with Light + Space.

This team project is due by midnight, on Thursday, September 24th.

I showed a couple videos, the first explaining “Wiki in Plain English” , and what it is used for, and the second a demo of logging on, and editing a wiki.

Be sure to bring the final, perfected series of rubbings next week. We will be framing them in class.

And (of course) there is a VoiceThread for this week, though I may not have it completed until Sunday morning.