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Comments about the course by Visual Thinking Students

Comments of the Visual Thinking course by former students…


It let me be creative in a way that wasn’t asking me to make perfect lines, but rather was asking me to create something relevant to how I was feeling. That was a new way of making art for me.


I really loved this experiential approach to art. I connected it to way in which strong visual communication could make a positive impact, helping to solve some of most significant global problems. 

Ever since I learned how to use mind maps in the course, they have become a staple for how I brainstorm, and I’ve literally organized projects, speeches, all kind of things through mind mapping, and realized the extremely powerful results that came from using the process.


My creativity expanded. I started thinking about things I normally wouldn’t have previously considered.

Before I started the class, when I thought of an artist I thought of a person with a paintbrush, looking out a window, and pretty much just painting something representational or impressionistic on a canvas. Once I took this class I discovered art is pretty much everything you see around you, and it comes in many forms and shapes.


This class welcomed my love of art, and mixed it with my need to fight for social justice.  Learning how to connect these two aspects into an expressive artwork was amazing.  The supportive environment in the classroom also allowed me to be more forgiving of my artistic process.



Making a Seeing-Drawing with an iPad.

Making a Seeing-Drawing with an iPad.