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9th Meeting – November 5th

We began by talking about the effects of early educational experiences on our current creative identity. We watched a clip from Truffaut’s film “The 400 Blows,” and an excerpt from Michael Apted’s documentary “7-Up” in which seven year olds describe how they imagine their futures. I read a description of the creative Italian school called Reggio Emilia, which has a motto, “Nothing Without Joy,” and then we talked about how this school compared with our own early schooling.

We recorded the “24 Objects” podcasts. I am in the process of editing these, and will send a link, once they are uploaded. Podcasts are available at the VT Podcasts page. Click on ‘subscribe’ to open in iTunes, and download into an iDevice, if you wish.

While one group recorded the podcasts, the other three teams discussed eleven creative questions.

A slideshow of “12 Creation Myths.”

Finally, we made two clay chairs, and did a fill in the blank, called “Letting Go Exercise.”

8″ tall black foam core chairs were given out. The assignment due at next week’s meeting is to transform these in a way that is AMAZING!

This weeks VoiceThread has just been posted.