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Spring ’16 – 18th Year of Visual Thinking at LMU

Just finished another semester of Visual Thinking at Loyola Marymount University. The individual expression of the students is what always keeps the course fresh and interesting. Here are some of their project images…

Comments about the course by Visual Thinking Students

Comments of the Visual Thinking course by former students… Camille: It let me be creative in a way that wasn’t asking me to make perfect lines, but rather was asking me to create something relevant to how I was feeling. That was a new way […]

Visual Thinking: Art + Innovation

Michael Kieley is in his 18th year of teaching Visual Thinking at Loyola Marymount University. The course if focused on project-based, and experiential learning, inspired by the methods of Black Mountain College, The Bauhaus, and MK’s undergraduate work at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. We make […]

First Team Projects

Good job on the wikis about Light + Space art. I know for a number of you it was the first time you’ve collaborated this way, and I appreciate everyone’s effort. Future team projects will be more open ended in terms of the form of […]