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Ideas for using Animoto

Animoto is an easy way to create pretty slick short films, combining video clips (under 10 seconds), with jpegs, and captions. This was my first try. I quickly recorded some clips of myself describing the methods of the class, added some images of student projects […]

Big Exhibit: 15 years of Visual Thinking

Just finished taking down the exhibit of 15 years of student work from Visual Thinking. The design and installation was a ton of work, but rewarding due to the positive feedback I received. Looking at the projects made by more than 900 students gave me […]

A team of students did a photo survey of this unique community.

Colors of the City project

This is the second semester that the students of Visual Thinking have gone out to do field studies in some of the most color-filled neighborhoods of Los Angeles. One goal of this project is to learn more about how much color palettes, signs, symbols, and […]

Creative Stories

This is the second semester that students are conducting interviews of artists, inventors, and creative entrepreneurs, in order to learn directly about how individuals nurture their own creativity, and overcome obstacles. We are gathering the responses in a VoiceThread. Here is the link: Feel […]

A Light + Space Art Installation

The primacy of vision…

The course focuses on the primacy of the visual experience, so rather than look at slides of art, we try to see as much work as possible ‘in the flesh.’ We study the work of Light + Space artists, such as Douglas Wheeler, Robert Irwin, […]

Final Meeting – December 10th

We had our last meeting on Friday. We looked at the Rose Parade Projects, and spent most of the time working on the “Doorway to the Sanctuary” project. Please try to finish the very last assignment by Friday, December 17th, in which you create your […]

11th Meeting – November 19th

Update: A new VoiceThread was posted on November 29th. Please respond by midnight, on December 2nd. SKETCHBOOKS ARE DUE ON DECEMBER 3rd. It is crucial that these be turned in on time. We viewed, and voted on the 2nd round of the chair project. Evaluation […]

10th Meeting – November 12th

UPDATE: No VoiceThread for this week. I’ll add a couple questions to next week’s Vthread. UPDATE #2: Here are the photos of the first round of the chair project. I will give you a print of your chair tomorrow. 1) We viewed the chair transformation […]

9th Meeting – November 5th

We began by talking about the effects of early educational experiences on our current creative identity. We watched a clip from Truffaut’s film “The 400 Blows,” and an excerpt from Michael Apted’s documentary “7-Up” in which seven year olds describe how they imagine their futures. […]

8th Meeting – October 29th

We watched one episode of John Cleese’s video, “The Human Face.” In the second half of the class the assignment was to make two expressive, well composed photomontages of a face. Meeting in teams, we selected one object, from the list of three created last […]

7th Meeting – October 22

We began by watching two short films about Christo, the famous maker of gigantic site specific art projects. First was a profile from “60 Minutes,” second was a film about the building of an early, large scale piece titled, “Valley Curtain.” Click here to watch […]

6th Meeting – October 8th

Excellent responses to the night project! We had everything from shoe box dioramas to sophisticated short films, and ‘audience’ participation pieces. Here are photos of some of the projects. We also watched a film about surrealist / dadaist artist, Man Ray, titled “Man Ray: Prophet […]